Install Lync 2013 Debugging tools without installing Visual C++ 2012 Runtime – 11.0.50727

If you are trying to install Lync 2013 debugging tools on a system or server where you have not ran Lync 2013 setup, you get an error message with below error message.

Lync debugging tool error

There are two ways to resolve this error.

  1. Run Lync server 2013 setup on a system
  2. Extract the MSI package

You may run the setup on a server or system which will install Visual C++ 2012 x64 Minimum runtime – 11.0.50727 and then you would be able to run Lync 2013 debugging tools setup.

However, in event where you do not have Lync server 2013 setup and you need to install Lync 2013 debugging tools, download Lync 2013 debugging tool from here and save in a foldder named “Lync” (you may create a folder with different name and in different drive of your choice. In that case you need to update the location in command) and run below command in a command prompt and you are good to go..!

msiexec /a c:\LyncDebugingTool\LyncDebugTools.msi /qb TARGETDIR=C:\Lync\LyncDebugTools



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