Troubleshooting user’s call in Skype for Business online

In this article, i am going to explain how to start troubleshooting a failed call, even before you get logs from the end user. All you need is, user’s SIP URI and approximate time of the call or session that had an issue.

To start with, connect to Skype for business online Powershell.

Once you are connection to Skype for business online Powershell, follow below steps.

In my case, user had reported that he faced issues while joining the meeting on a particular date and time. So here, all I have is, user’s SIP URI, date and time of the issue.

Step 1: Getting user’s session information and storing in a variable.

$sessions = get-csusersession -User -StartTime “1/26/2017 0:00am” -EndTime “1/26/2017 11:59:00pm”

Step 2: To find out what all sessions were there for this user, run below command.


Step 3: With this command, you will get details of all sessions during mentioned time. Select the session that had issue.

$sessions | where {$_.MediaTypesDescription -eq “[AppSharing]”}

Step 4: Running this command, will give you complete details of the session “AppSharing”. In Lync, session result is stored in “ErrorReports”. So let’s expand this property with below command:

 $sessions | where {$_.MediaTypesDescription -eq “[AppSharing]”} | select -ExpandProperty ErrorReports

With the ErrorReport property expanded, you would be in place to start troubleshooting issue quickly.

Few Important points to take care of:

The Get-CsUserSession cmdlet is very powerful to troubleshoot issues of an individual user. Some PII data (like phone numbers in this example) is masked and you can only query for data of a single user at any point in time. But this cmdlet does expose quite sensitive information, therefore only Skype for Business admins have access to this cmdlet. Very like access to CLS or CDR/QoE database access for an on-premises environment.

There’s only a short lag of usually less than 5 minutes before the data is available and data is available for up to 365 days (starting from August 2016).


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